About SIF Partners

Our Philosophy

SIF Partners (formerly Consumer Concept Group – CCG) is an innovative operating company and family office investment fund focused on relevant consumer franchising and lifestyle brands. This includes both starting and operating exciting new companies as well as investing in various asset classes that leverage long-term trends we identify.

We combine active involvement in operations with thorough investment management which provides a unique perspective that compliments each other and provides insights that drive our strategy.

SIF has developed and operates several multi-unit restaurant event concepts and lifestyle brands, and we seek to aggressively expand all concepts into new locations and markets across the US.

The SIF Partners have a broad range of expertise and deep experience building and scaling concepts into national and international leaders in their industry.

SIF also seeks to make early-stage investments in emerging companies on an opportunistic basis. SIF partners with promising entrepreneurs to provide both capital and resources/expertise to enhance operations and expand their business and industries where we have extensive direct experience and knowledge.

The SIF investment fund also manages a broad range of assets, with a focus on real estate investments backed by strong managers with unique insight and a long-term approach.

SIF also takes an active role in philanthropy focused on causes we believe in and in areas where we can use our experience to make a difference.